Diabetes and Cardiac Nursing

Heart Care Nurses treat patients experiencing heart disease and conditions, and treat heart disease, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular health problems. Cardiac nurses play an essential part in the prevention and analysis of heart hazards. Heart care nurses are critical in the fight against coronary illness and are required for patient’s care. Cardiac nurses work in many different environments, including coronary care units (CCU), cardiac catheterization, intensive care units (ICU), operating theatres, cardiac rehabilitation centers, clinical research, cardiac surgery wards, cardiovascular intensive care units (CVICU), and cardiac medical wards. Diabetic care nurses treat patients by monitoring their blood glucose level. Routine screening of diabetes complication is the prime responsibility of a diabetes care nurse. This will include urine testing for protein as a check on renal function, taking blood for lipid estimations, measuring blood pressure, examining the eyes and the feet. The Nursing of patients advances the administrations to patients as well as the better way of life of the people groups.

  • Diabetes Nursing
  • Challenges in Diabetes Nursing care
  • Advancements in Diabetes Nursing Care
  • Cardiac Nursing
  • Challenges in Cardiac Nursing
  • Advancements in Cardiac Nursing Care

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