Diabetic/Glycogenic Hepatopathy

Diabetic Hepatopathy Simple steatosis or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis are liver diseases associated with diabetes mellitus (DM). However, a form of diabetic microangiopathy with hepatic sinusoidal fibrosis and basement membrane deposition without cirrhosis has been described and referred as diabetic hepatosclerosis (DH). Objective: To identify scientific studies and to deepen the knowledge on DH, and to evaluate the prevalence of DH in the main published studies in medical literature. Method: Integrative review of the literature conducted in the database PubMed/MEDLINE, and crossed the following descriptors from the Health Science Descriptors (DeCs) and MeSH: liver microangiopathy, hepatosclerosis and diabetes mellitus connected by the Boolean operator AND. Only studies that evaluated the prevalence of DH were selected, summarizing and identifying the limitations of research from 1965 to date. Glycogenic hepatopathy (GH) is a rare complication of the poorly controlled diabetes mellitus characterized by the transient liver dysfunction with elevated liver enzymes and associated hepatomegaly caused by the reversible accumulation of excess glycogen in the hepatocytes

  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Risk Factors of Diabetic Hepatopathy and glycogenic Hepatopathy
  • Treatments
  • Disease associated with Diabetic Hepatopathy and Glycogenic Hepatopathy

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