Obesity and Cancer

Additional fat in the body may have destructive impacts, such as producing hormones and development factors can influence the way our cells work. Fat cells can also attract immune cells to body tissues which release chemicals that cause a long-term inflammation. This can raise the danger of a few diseases including cancer. Individuals with obesity have chronic low-level or subacute unresolved inflammations, which is related to expanded malignancy chance. One of the most observed interfaces in obesity and cancer is an expanded danger of breast and womb cancer in ladies who are hefty after the menopause, and this identifies the individual with higher estrogen levels. Overweight people frequently have expanded levels of insulin and insulin-like development factor-1 which may lead to the development of specific tumors.
  • Pathophysiology
  • Genetic Linkage
  • Medication for Diabetes and Cancer
  • Diagnosis
  • Case Studies
  • Obesity and Reproductive Function

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