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Diabetes and its Complication

Diabetes and its Complication

Hightiers of sugars or glucose in bloodresults in this type of continual situation called diabetes mellitus.High glucose in bloodmight also additionally reason eye harm, kidney harm and nerve harm. Diabetes will increasethe hazard of various cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease,coronary heart attack, coronary heart stroke and narrowingof arteries which reduces the blood float through the High tiers of glucose in blood canharm blood vessels and nerves inflicting lack of sensation in sexual organs,which results in sexual dysfunction. In addition to this, human beings withdiabetes have greater probabilities to expand infections which can result inallergies. Diabetes is theprincipal reason for cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure and blindness.Diabetes also can reason foot ulcers and listening to problems, human beingswith diabetes have listening to impairment commonly.

Diabeticketoacidosis (DKA)



Diabetesand Depression


HyperglycemicHyperosmolar State (HHS)





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