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Diabetes Summit 2020
Diabetes Summit 2020 highlights the theme New Technologies and Practical approaches: Diabetes, Obesity and Heart disorders which reflects the innovative inventions in Diabetes medication, Obesity and Heart and the new technologies to eradicate diabetes and its associated disorders.

The field of cardiac and care is developing quickly, and its advancement is having enormous effects in therapeutic sciences pharmaceuticals. The importance can be estimated by the way that it has set enormous progressions throughout time and is proceeding to impact different parts.

This two-day meeting incorporates real sessions on point by point outline on Diabetes and its Complications, Diabetes-induced Heart Complications, Diagnosis and Prevention: Diabetes and Heart Diseases, Diabetic Neuropathy and Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic and Cardiac Nursing, Diabetes-Surgery and Transplantation.

This Conference will give numerous opportunities to network and discuss science and technology, about the development of medications and management of DiabetesObesity and Heart.

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Diabetes Summit 2020 will furnishes two days of robust discussion on the techniques and strategies related to diabetes managementObesity,and Heart complications. This gathering will also explore the new ideas and concepts in Diabetes on a global scale.

- Opportunity to meet world’s DiabetesObesity & Heart Experts
- Keynote forums by renowned Physicians & Professors
- Plenary talks and Poster presentations by global experts
- Best platform for Global business and networking opportunities
- Oral & Poster presentations by Young Researchers
- Best poster & Young Research Forum awards

- Diabetologists
- Endocrinologists
- Cardiologists
- Nephrologists
- Ophthalmologists
- Pediatrists
- Psychologists
- Dentists
- Physicians
- Nutritionists/Dieticians
- Diabetes Health Professionals
- Medical colleges
- Academic researchers
- Research Institutes
- Diabetes Societies & Associations
- Obesity Societies & Associations
- Heart Societies & Associations

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